Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with podcasts.  I bring them up in conversation, I consistently make friends with strangers over a mutual love of Ira Glass, and I always have my headphones in when I walk anywhere.  (Disclaimer:  I’ve almost been run over a few times and I am not condoning this behavior).

I tried really hard for this post to be my “top 5” favorite health and wellness podcasts and it was so hard to whittle it down that I present to you, My Top 6 Health & Wellness Podcasts:

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  1. Her Rules Radio(previously called The Crave Cast)

Each week, Alexandra Jamieson, interviews health and wellness experts, entrepreneurs, and authors on topics ranging from women empowerment, healthy eating, and mindfulness techniques to entrepreneurship and business advice.  She is the co-creator of Supersize Me, and author of Women, Food, & Desire and The Great American Detox Diet.

This podcast holds a special place in my heart.  I began my health and wellness journey feeling like I was the only woman going through what I was going through.  My friends didn’t seem to have food allergies, anxiety, skin issues, and digestive issues like I did.  When I started to completely change my diet, I was the friend who was “no fun”, who stopped drinking, who didn’t go out for pizza, who had to look at the menu at the restaurant well in advance to see if I could eat there.  

A lot of people assumed that I was doing it for weight loss and even belittled me for it, saying that I was already skinny, that I was high maintenance, or seemed to think that I was a blonde barbie who was obsessed with my looks.  This podcast gave me the strength to stick with it.  Not only did it get me into health and wellness in a big way, but also made me feel like eating healthy and having a happy life doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. It made me feel like there are hundreds of thousands of women going through what I’m going through every day, where I previously felt alone.

Beyond that, Alex is honest, authentic, relatable, and inspiring.

  1. So Money

Ok, this is a financial podcast, why is in this in here??  Financial wellness is an integral part of wellness in general.  For me, my happiness has a lot to do with stability, reducing stress, and control.  So do that…with your money!  Set yourself up for stability by doing the right things with your money, whether it’s investing, contributing to retirement, saving, or starting a side-hustle to generate more revenue.


Farnoosh Torabi is the author of When She Makes More, Psych Yourself Rich, and You’re So Money.  She’s out to end the negative stigma around wealth and being vocal about money.  She interviews successful entrepreneurs, authors, and financial experts, offering candid advice on subjects like student loans, investing, saving for retirement, and renting vs. owning a home.  

  1. The Minimalists

For the past two years, I have been obsessed with the idea of minimalism–the idea that the more physical items you have, the more it clutters your brain. I have always known from a young age that when my room is messy, I feel stressed.  But I never made a correlation between surroundings and stress until I was older.  


I discovered Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus through their blog and quickly started listening to their podcast. They provide tangible tips and advice on how to pair down your items.  Their tagline is “live a meaningful life with less.”  They’re currently on tour–check out if they’re coming to your city!  They also have an incredible documentary, Minimalism:  A Documentary about the Important Things.  It is currently available on Netflix, but I don’t know how much longer it will be there.

  1. The Chalene Show

What do I have in common with the hot pink glittery So-Cal blondie?  Um, A LOT, apparently.  Chalene tells it like it is.  She is a New York Times bestselling author of Push, motivational speaker, and fitness expert.  She puts on makeup every day, she loves dying her hair, she uses fake tanner, and she is ALL ABOUT health and wellness.


One thing I’ve noticed from being a part of the health and wellness world is that there is this tendency to “one-up” each others’ health habits.  Like,  “You’re not a REAL yogi unless you’re a vegan too,” “Oh you don’t meditate every morning right when you wake up?”  “Well I write a gratitude list every night before bed” “I grew this kale on my rooftop garden and it’s local and organic and I bought the seeds from a nonprofit that supports impoverished bamboo makers in Italy”…do you get my drift?  NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE.

Chalene’s podcast is for REAL women–there is no shame around wearing makeup, getting excited about buying a new dress, etc.  She is funny, authentic, and always speaks her mind. She opens up about her marriage, her insomnia, and best fitness practices that have worked for her.  She interviews a myriad of health professionals and invites guests with differing viewpoints.   

  1. Better Everyday

What I love about this podcast is that it gets a bit more technical and provides actionable advice. Dr. Brooke and Sarah Fragoso focus on hormonal health, diet, fitness, wellness, and happiness.  Dr. Brooke is a naturopathic doctor who focuses on balancing women’s hormones and Sarah Fragoso is a gym owner, prominent influencer in the Paleo community, and author of the cookbook, Everyday Paleo.


Sarah and Dr. Brooke answer questions every week from listeners and offer actionable advice, including which supplements to take, which foods to try eliminating from their diet, and much more.

  1. That’s So Maven

This is a newer one that I have started listening to and I have to say, I am SO IMPRESSED.  I have followed Davida’s blog (The Healthy Maven) for a while now, but now that I listen to her voice every week, I feel like I know her even more and relate to her story.  

She focuses on “where healthy meets living” and interviews health experts, as well as other bloggers and influencers.  In addition to health and wellness, this podcast is a great resource for blogging tips, if you are interested in starting your own blog.  You can follow Davida on a myriad of different social media channels, but check out her youtube channel for amazing healthy recipes, travel diaries, and product recommendations, including natural makeup reviews.

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