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Post Traumatic Stress vs. Growth Mindset

I’ve heard it said that there are 2 types of people: those who experience post traumatic stress and those who post traumatic growth.  I’m working on being the latter. When scientists develop an experiment, they see failure as just another datapoint. They expect hypotheses to fail…that’s what makes it an experiment. We often think, this thing happened to me and so now this is WHO I AM.  But it is not a reflection of our self-worth and it is not who we are as … Read More Post Traumatic Stress vs. Growth Mindset


5 quick tips to reduce anxiety

People tell me I smile a lot…which is funny because on the inside I often feel like a bomb has gone off and i can barely keep up with my anxious brain. I guess i smile because it’s easier to show that emotion than to express what’s really going on.  But sometimes smiling actually gets me through the anxiety because i remember not to … Read More 5 quick tips to reduce anxiety