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People tell me I smile a lot…which is funny because on the inside I often feel like a bomb has gone off and i can barely keep up with my anxious brain.

I guess i smile because it’s easier to show that emotion than to express what’s really going on.  But sometimes smiling actually gets me through the anxiety because i remember not to take myself too seriously.

If you’re feeling anxious, try these tips: 

1. take a vitamin d supplements (aka you could be cranky because it’s winter)

2. make room in your mental space for the things that bring you joy (aka don’t fill your mind with negative shit like meaningless gossip and thinking you look ugly today–you don’t.)

3. make room in your physical space for the things that bring you joy (aka clean your  room and do the dishes)

4. put pen to paper (aka spend 5 minutes to write down your F E E L I N G S in a journal)

5. remember to smile (aka don’t take yourself too seriously–we’re all just little specs in this beautiful universe)

2 Comments on “5 quick tips to reduce anxiety

  1. Beautifully done, Sarah! I was quite surprised and pleased to find your message in my InBasket this morning. That was good advice – and I can use it. Well, I gotta go – gotta clean my room and do the dishes, you know. Love, Pawpaw

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